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War of Conquest is a new concept in online strategy games
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War of Conquest is a strategy game developed by IronZog. The game is a massive multi-player online strategy game. This means the strategy is set in a persistent world with many other players. Once you start the game, it asks you to create an account and to either create or join a nation. Multiple players can be a part of a nation; this helps research military tactics. The game looks like a very old Civilization, and some of the interface windows are confusing if you don't know what you are looking for. The game's battles, effects and sounds are very outdated and not very impressive. But this is not a bad strategy game. It can run basically in any computer without taking too much resources. But the best thing about it is its prizes. Inside the game there are Orbs scattered around the world. For each orb you have you win some wealth which can be translated into real money. Of course, you can also deposit money into your account to help your nation's progress. Orbs are fiercely sought and jealously possessed by every nation. It really adds a whole new meaning to the game, making it a great online strategy game. Once you are hooked, you cannot stop playing it.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Solid strategy game
  • Cash Prices


  • Outdated graphics, sounds and effects
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